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Kalpaviruksha-The Ayurvedic Village

Life (Ayu) is the combination of body, mind, senses and most importantly the soul. At Kalpaviruksha we follow the ideology of the most sacred science of life, Ayurveda, which is beneficial for both the world and beyond. Kalpaviruksha in Coimbatore aims at providing holistic and natural treatment that is found most effective on earth. With the experience of 14 years, we as a hospital are committed to bringing the most advanced diagnostic method through natural procedures of Ayurveda. We have authentic treatments and procedures that are craftd with maximum healing, care and comfort. We offer an Ecofriendly Ayurvedic resort that has multiple programs to cure the alleviations and sufferings of various diseases in people. We are successful in offering the best of health programs that Kalpaviruksha is a place for the healing of any physical ailments and relaxation for the unsettled or disturbed mind.

Where are we?

From the distance of 15km from the main city of Coimbatore, Kalpaviruksha is located in the small hamlet, called Thekkupalayam. The transport facilities are feasible as it is30 minutes drive from the airport and 20 minutes from the Coimbatore railway station. The centre exactly lies at the 6th mile from the North Coimbatore Fly over the highway bound towards Ooty known as Mettupalayam road.


About Dr. B.A Uma

The principal investigator ,Dr.B.A Uma has more than eight years of professional experience in Ayurvedic Medical system . She is a versatile Ayurvedic doctor with vast knowledge and research experience in this field. She has conducted more than 50 one day free Ayurvedic Camps benefiting about ten thousand people. The beneficiaries include women, children and old people with various ailments such as Gynecological, asthmatic, rheumatic, E.N.T and orthopedic disorders. Further, the patients hail from agricultural families of this region. Hence she plans to integrate Ayuvedic medicine with Agricultural activities such as cultivation of medicinal and vegetable plants, establishment of Beehives and mushrooms ,harnessing renewable energy like solar energy and recycling the organic waste to produce biomanure. Dr.Uma is the author of pregnancy journal and the “Ayuvreda Journal” (yet to be published )by Srinivas fine arts, Nightingale diaries, sivakasi.


14 years of trust

With the experience of 14 years, we as a hospital are committed to bringing the most advanced diagnostic method through natural procedures of Ayurveda. We have authentic treatments and procedures that are craftd with maximum healing, care and comfort.


Compressed Mud Block

The construction concept used at our resort is “Compressed Mud Blocks”, we have compressed the soil taken from our resort to make bricks thereby keeping the temperature of the cottages considerably cool. The sprawling lush green lawn around is a best place for event management. You'll enjoy staying at our resort with daily shuttle service to all tourist spots nearby. Then you can unwind and relax at our resort if you have a trip to nilgiris or after a busy day shopping or visiting coimbatore attractions.


Foot Hills

The location of the hospital was chosen with due consideration. Kalpaviruksha is nestled in the foothills of the Western Ghats, giving it salubrious weather, scenic beauty and serene ethnicity. It is very near Ooty -Queen of the Seven Hills and the Emerald Jewel of Southern India. Kalpaviruksha is also near a prominent theme park, a special tribal habitat and many more tourist attractions.. It is easily commutable from Coimbatore airport(15 km ) and railway station(20km ). Pick up and drop can be arranged on request.


The keraliye treatment

Many such distinctive and excellent forms of treatments, not practiced in the other parts of India are conducted by the Kerala Physicians. A continuous stream of medicated warm oil/herbal decoctions/medicated milk/buttermilk is poured onto the forehead for 35 to45 to minutes. This procedure often induces a mental state similar to a trance, which creates profound relaxation of the mind and body. It deeply relaxes and revitalizes the central nervous system. Shirodhara gives the best results when taken after an Abhyangam. Dhara is good for all ailments. Changing the liquid as per the Dosha condition, with necessary alterations in the procedure, is useful to alleviate any Dosha.


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Cross cut road is a good place for traditional shopping. Traditional shopping centers bring out the valuable handicrafts, more impressive to the visitors. Cross cut road is well known for providing cheaper automobile parts, engineering machines, pumps, traditional silk clothing and jewelry.

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Popularly referred to as Ooty, this gem among southern hill resorts is covered in eucalyptus and pine trees and coffee and tea plantations. On a clear day, it's possible to see as far as the Mysore plateau from Dodabetta Peak, the district's most prominent viewpoint. The Stone House, a landmark 1822 bungalow, and St. Stephen's Church are remnants of the area's first British settlement. Also noteworthy: formal botanical gardens, a children's mini-garden and a contemporary art collection.

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The Marudamalai Temple – dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Murugan or Kartikeya – is one of the religious tourist places in Coimbatore. The 1200 years’ old temple also has a colorful gopuram that amazes the guests. And that’s not all! The temple complex, built in a unique Dravidian style, is set in the picturesque surroundings of the of the Western Ghats. These hills are, in fact, considered to be a home to various medicinal herbs.

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