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About Us

Life (Ayu) is the combination of body, mind, senses and most importantly the soul. At Kalpaviruksha we follow the ideology of the most sacred science of life, Ayurveda, which is beneficial for both the world and beyond. Kalpaviruksha in Coimbatore aims at providing holistic and natural treatment that is found most effective on earth. With the experience of 14 years, we as a hospital are committed to bringing the most advanced diagnostic method through natural procedures of Ayurveda. We have authentic treatments and procedures that are craftd with maximum healing, care and comfort. We offer an Ecofriendly Ayurvedic resort that has multiple programs to cure the alleviations and sufferings of various diseases in people. We are successful in offering the best of health programs that Kalpaviruksha is a place for the healing of any physical ailments and relaxation for the unsettled or disturbed mind.

Where are we?

From the distance of 15km from the main city of Coimbatore, Kalpaviruksha is located in the small hamlet, called Thekkupalayam. The transport facilities are feasible as it is30 minutes drive from the airport and 20 minutes from the Coimbatore railway station. The centre exactly lies at the 6th mile from the North Coimbatore Fly over the highway bound towards Ooty known as Mettupalayam road.

About Dr. Uma

Professional experience

The principal investigator ,Dr.B.A Uma has more than eight years of professional experience in Ayurvedic Medical system .She was born at 4th june 1978 and passed out of Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai at june 2001 with an Merit Award at University Rank in Panchakarma Treatment qualified as Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. She is a versatile Ayurvedic doctor with vast knowledge and research experience in this field. She has conducted more than 50 one day free Ayurvedic Camps benefiting about ten thousand people. The beneficiaries include women, children and old people with various ailments such as Gynecological, asthmatic, rheumatic, E.N.T and orthopedic disorders. Further, the patients hail from agricultural families of this region. Hence she plans to integrate Ayuvedic medicine with Agricultural activities such as cultivation of medicinal and vegetable plants, establishment of Beehives and mushrooms ,harnessing renewable energy like solar energy and recycling the organic waste to produce biomanure. Dr.Uma is the author of pregnancy journal and the “Ayuvreda Journal” (yet to be published )by Srinivas fine arts, Nightingale diaries, sivakasi.

Seminars Participated/Presentations :

  • International Ayurveda Congress meet, Chennai (1999)
  • International Ayurveda Congress, Cochin, Kerala (2003)
  • International Ayurveda Seminar , Bangalore (2003)
  • International Panchakarma Workshop, Chennai (2006)
  • International Conference on Globalization of Indian Medical system, TamilNadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore (2006)
  • Importance of Herbs and Herbal Garden , Avinashilingam Deemed University, Coimbatore (2006)
  • Quiet a large number of presentations about Health, wellness and Ayurveda to the public through ladies club of coimbatore, Rotary club of coimbatore and Health Awareness programme conducted by professionals.

Trainings undergone :

  • Certified therapeutic yogasana course at Arya Vaidya Pharmacy Hospital , Coimbatore
  • Panchakarma training at the 100 year old Samajam Hospital—Shoranur , Kerala
  • Panchakarma training at the International Conference, Chennai

Treatment and Staff

Kalpaviruksha follows the “Samajam Sampradayam” through the medical assistance provided by the samajam hospital. All ailments are known to respond well to Ayurvedic treatment and heal for life time instead of temporary cure. The pristine, pollution and noise free natural surroundings at Kalpaviruksha contribute greatly to enhance the therapeutic services rendered by the Hospital. Modern diagonostic methods and clinical investigations are utilized effectively blending modern and tradional systems. Special health Packages are available for contemporary management of lifestyle disorders. There is an Ayurvedic product store, an Ayurvedic pharmacy , Yoga and meditation hall, and an Ayurvedic restaurant offering naturally healing recipes.


AC and Non AC cottages are available. Bathrooms are clean with open- to- sky ceilings for natural lighting and good ventilation.
Prior reservation and booking of the cottage is recommended.

Accreditations and Citations

Kalpaviruksha has won the ECO Award 2011 from the Association of British scholars of Coimbatore. The centre has been praised in many local newspapers for its treatment and eco friendliness . Deccan Chronicle Metropolis in its 12th April 2011 issue states that Kalpaviruksha is a place where leisure meets therapy “flaunts some of the most eco friendly construction practices and materials in the State”
“Harmonise with Nature is the slogan at Kalpaviruksha. This is followed not only in treatment but in other aspects as well” reports The Hindu in its Coimbatore edition dated January 12th 2004 calling Kalpaviruksha “the stopover for rejenuvation”.
Businessline talks of Kalpairuksha as “the hub of health conscious youngsters looking for alternate medication” and states that “ It has started to emerge as a referral centre”.

Our special Team

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