With the medical industry booming out, and with modern kits and equipment to diagnose and cure diseases, one can wonder why to choose ayurvedic over allopathy. The best answer to this question is that, unlike allopathy, Ayurveda has no side effects on your body. It aims in the betterment of both physical and mental health of an individual.

If you wish to take up a completely personalized session for stay and treatment, you can go ahead with Kalpaviruksha. The centre is absolutely guest friendly and gives freedom to choose your package and stay plans. Everything here is what you desire. Enjoy and give yourself a replenish with the best ayurvedic centre in town.

Every treatment begins with an initial diagnosis. In that case, the first step is to consult your ayurvedic doctor and know what exactly the issue is. This will help fix the charges based on the specific requirement to cure the disease. We don’t believe in fixed charges, we work to cure.

Wellness, unlike illness, is a need-based approach. Here, there are specific packages that the individual can choose and the rates for these are fixed. These fixed charges irrespective of the customer, aim at giving a rejuvenating experience. However, in case you wish to extend the package, you can personalize and create your wellness plan.

Just in case you wish to take a step back from the treatment, due to untoward happenings, then the advance amount you pay will not be refunded. However, if you cancel the plan 3 weeks before the fixed date, 40% of the amount is refunded. If the schedule is cancelled 2 weeks before the scheduled date, 20% of the amount paid is refunded. There is no refund for guests who leave amid the treatment.

According to the government regulations, any guest above the age of 18 is supposed to produce a valid photo identity card at the time of admission. This includes all Photo IDs such as Aadhar card, Driving license or PAN card.

Though nature-loving spot, the resort is strict in prohibiting pets from the stay area. This is done primarily to avoid the inconvenience to the other guests who stay and take up treatments on the premises.

Consumption of alcohol or any other fizzy drinks is strictly prohibited in the centre. Smoking and other narcotics are strictly banned within the resort. The restaurant also does not serve non-vegetarian food. Guests are strictly prohibited from consuming non-vegetarian food within the resort.